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Safety First, Last, and Always

Since being founded in 1964 by David O. Thayer, Thayer Power & Communication Line Construction Co., LLC has become one of the premier contractors in the Power and Fiber construction industries. Building a team with experience has allowed the company to provide excellent customer service and be a partner to its clients from concept to reality.

In 2016, Thayer Power & Communication (TPC) moved its corporate office to Columbus, OH. In addition to our corporate office, we have nine regional offices throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Virginia, covering a wide area across the Eastern United States allowing for quick responses to emergencies and clients' needs.

TPC prides itself on staying current with what the utility industry needs which is why we now have divisions: Power, Fiber, Underground, and Design & Drafting. One of the best things about TPC is that our divisions can work separately or as a team, bringing multiple divisions onboard, to complete a project safely and efficiently. 


The Power Division is one of the original divisions that started TPC! This division specializes in high voltage power construction and repair projects, including but not limited to distribution, transmission, substation, emergency restoration, ADSS (power space), and smart grid technology installation. 


The Fiber Division is another original division of TPC, previously known as the Telecommunications Division but as the industry evolved, so has this division! The Fiber Division specializes in aerial fiber construction, maintenance, two-pole clean-up, and oversees all splicing work associated with fiber projects among many other capabilities. 


The Underground Division is now its own division, but TPC has a long history of completing underground placement projects for the Power and Fiber Divisions. Our capabilities include but are not limited to horizontal directional drilling, trenching, and rural broadband construction.

Design & Drafting

The Design & Drafting Division specializes in fiber plan & profile design and small cell design, as well as permitting. 

To support TPC's multiple divisions, we have an incredible Fleet Department. This department maintains a fleet of over 800 well-maintained vehicles and equipment. Our fleet is made up of multiple power buckets, directional bore rigs, cable placers, Digger Derricks, a hydro excavation VacTruck, excavators, and support vehicles.

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for employees putting safety first, last, and always!

TPC is always looking to expand through strategic partnerships in each of its Power, Fiber, Underground, or Design & Drafting Divisions. Please contact Jon Garn for more information. 






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